Endorsements (2018)

The a4a endorsements were determined only if the candidates went through our endorsement process:  1) a Progressive Candidates Action Group Steering Committee interview  2) a public presentation followed by a Q & A with the audience  3) a written response to a4a Survey Questions incorporating issues from a4a Action Groups that were specific to the office the candidate is seeking. After review of all of the above, the Steering Committee determined whether the candidate had Progressive values that comport with a4a.

After a full discussion, a vote was held by the steering committee where a minimum of 75% of the voting members had to approve any endorsement.  A presentation was made to the Leadership Team of a4a, and the Leadership Team unanimously endorsed the presented candidates.  Then an a4a voting membership special meeting was held wherein at least 66% of the voting members present voted to endorse the presented candidates.

The following rationales for each candidate is a general summary of our considerations but is not all encompassing.  There were offices that we felt required relevant experience but there were also offices where we felt experience was less essential because other Democrats would be available to mentor and support.  The summaries are provided where there were competitive primaries.

Following are links to brief statements supporting our endorsements in contested races.

US Senate: Deedra Abboud
CD2 US House: Billy Kovacs
Governor: Steve Farley
Secretary of State: Katie Hobbs
Superintendent of Public Instruction: David Schapira
Corporation Commission: Bill Mundell
Corporation Commission: Sandra Kennedy

Following are endorsements in uncontested Arizona races.

Attorney General: January Contreras
Treasurer: Mark Manoil
Mine Inspector: William ("Bill") Pierce
LD2 Senator: Andrea Dalessandro
LD2 Representative: Rosanna Gabaldon
LD2 Representative: Daniel Hernandez