citizen activists of southern Arizona
committed to human and civil rights for all

How is it organized?
There is a leadership committee from various organizations, following www.indivisibleguide.com, a national how-to manual. There is one general meeting each month plus action group meetings.

What are the action groups?
a4a has 7 separate action groups: Immigration, Health Care, Election of Progressive Candidates, LGBTQ Rights, Climate, Education, and Racial Justice.

What actions are we taking?
We have called our representatives, sent e-mails and faxes, written columns and Letters to the Editor and met with our Members of Congress and their staff. We held a rally in Green Valley on Jan. 21 to coincide with the national Women’s Marches. We had around 500 attendees on a cold and blustery day. Our second rally was on April 15, a warm Tax Day and around 225 people participated in “Show Us Your Taxes”. We have over 600 members on our mailing list.

I’m in! How can I get involved?
Subscribe with your email address on our Website, alliance4action.org to receive emails announcing meetings, info on action groups and other important events.  Find us also on Facebook, at alliance4action. New ideas welcome; there are lots of things you can do from home.