Monday, February 17, 2020

a4a - ACT NOW! Contact Legislators

There are literally hundreds of proposed state bills that need our attention as well as some federal ones—too many to list here.  Our a4a Action Groups are asking for your help with the following specific bills.  These bills need your action NOW!  Thank you.



SB1224 (Out-of-state voucher expansion).  OPPOSE. Call Senate President Fann (602-926-5874) or email her at:  Talking points: Tell them you want to keep AZ taxpayer dollars in Arizona to benefit our communities, schools, roads, and public safety.

HB2898.  Same bill as above to be voted on in the AZ House.  OPPOSE.  Call House Speaker Bowers (602-926-3128) or email him at:  Same talking points.

Health Care:

SB1287 (Medicare supplement insurance; guaranteed availability).  SUPPORT.  Protects Medicare recipients with pre-existing conditions who wish to purchase a supplemental (Medigap) policy.  Call J.D. Mesnard: (602-926-4481) or email him at:  Talking points: Ask him to schedule a hearing on this bill in his Finance Committee.  Note that he has already sponsored a bill (SB1397) which addresses pre-existing conditions but that bill does not cover seniors. 


HB2880 (Assured water supply).  OPPOSE.  Decreases the water requirements needed for new subdivisions or for adding more homes to existing subdivisions.  Contact Gail Griffin, chair of House Natural Resources, Energy, and Water Committee, phone (602) 926-5895, email  This bill is available in “Request to Speak” so you can register your opposition there, also.



HR2662 (Asylum Seeker Protection Act).  SUPPORT.  Prohibits funds to implement the Migrant Protection Protocols, otherwise known as "Remain in Mexico."  Contact Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (or your US Representative).  Kirkpatrick’s contact information: phone: (202) 225-2542, email through her website:  Talking points: Ask her to co-sponsor and vote for HR 2662.  Talking points:  Since it began one year ago, over 60,000 asylum seekers to the U.S have been returned to dangerous Mexico to await their court dates 1-2 years out.  Living in tents or on the streets, families, children and adults find themselves without medical care, jobs or access to lawyers.  Over 816 rapes, kidnappings and torture have been documented by Human Rights Watch.  Need more information?  Contact Sara Busey,

Monday, January 20, 2020

FYI - January 27 Happy "Our"

a4a Happy Our

Monday, January 27, 2020
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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

ACT NOW - Contact Our Senators

Right now is a good time to email, call or Resistbot our Senators McSally and Sinema with the following message (or something similar in your own words):

Your constituents want you to vote to have witnesses in the upcoming Senate impeachment trial. We want to hear from John Bolton for starters. We want you to have new and relevant documents to review.

A fair trial needs witnesses and documents. We expect you to address this publicly in the coming days before you raise your hand to take your individual oath. We want a real and credible trial. We expect you to stand up for this as our senator.

Contact information for Senator McSally:

(202) 224-2235 (Washington, DC)

(602) 952-2410 (Phoenix)

(520) 670-6334 (Tucson)

Contact information for Senator Sinema:

(202) 224-4521 (Washington D.C.)

(602) 598-7327 (Phoenix)

(520) 639-7080 (Tucson)