Monday, January 15, 2018

FYI! Corrected Dues and Donaitons

FYI!Corrected Dues and Donations
a4a will be collecting dues and offering T-Shirts for  $20 donation and a4a Name tags for a $5 donation.


DUES time 

Beginning this week, at the general membership meeting/program on Friday, January 19 at 203 Continental Mall, and Saturday at the Women’s Rally, we will be collecting annual dues of  $5.00 for each individual.  2018 is an important election year and a4a needs funds to contribute to selected campaigns as well as debates and forums.  In addition, as a PAC we will be raising funds via donations for T-shirts and name badges:  T-shirts for a $20 donation each and name badges for a $5 donation each. 

Look for tables at each event with people who are receiving and recording dues. T-shirts will be available and you may also order a magnetic name badge with your name and a $5.00 donation.  Leadership team membership will be wearing them.