Sunday, October 15, 2017



From the a4a Health Care Action Group

The Cost-Sharing Reduction payments (CSRs) go directly to insurance companies working in the ACA individual marketplaces. They are key to keeping co-pays and deductibles affordable for some 7 million lower income Americans. They are key to stabilizing the ACA marketplaces, now and going forward

The President announced the immediate cessation of these payments. His goal is sabotage, pure and simple. The First Action we can take is to call the White House Comment Line to register our disapproval. See below.

The Second Action we can take is to call, Resistbot, email, Facebook, Tweet or fax our Members of Congress to protect the CSRs legislatively. Senators Flake and McCain must actively support the Murray-Alexander bipartisan effort to stabilize the marketplaces, including CSR preservation. Rep. McSally must jumpstart her bipartisan “Problem Solvers” Caucus in the House to do the same thing. See below.

WHITE HOUSE COMMENT LINE: 202-456-1111 (Monday-Friday, 9-4, EST)

Senator Jeff Flake:  202-224-4521 (Washington) or 520-575-8633 (Tucson) or 602-840-1891 (Phoenix) 

Senator John McCain:  202-224-2235 (Washington) or 520-670-6334 (Tucson) or 602-952-2410 (Phoenix)

Representative Martha McSally:  202-225-2542 (Washington) or 520-881-3588 (Tucson) or 520-459-3115 (Sierra Vista)

Get fax numbers, email addresses, Facebook and Twitter connections on-line at the websites for Flake, McCain and McSally. Calls and Resistbots are recommended. 
New to Resistbot? Text “resist” to 50409 or put in your browser.

Talking Points (If Desired) - This decision will:
Raise premiums for middle class families.
Increase the federal deficit substantially over 10 years.
Drive a million people out of the marketplaces.
Drive insurance companies out of the marketplaces

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