Sunday, September 24, 2017

Call and Thank McCain Call and Ask Flake to vote NO


Call and Thank McCain for his pledge to vote NO

Call and Ask Flake to vote NO

The Graham-Cassidy bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is a  cruel and craven patchwork. We must defeat it prior to September 30th, the last date the Republicans can pass something with 50 votes. Senator McCain has pledged to vote NO.

Please call, fax, email or Resistbot Senator Flake's offices every day until there is a resolution. Contact volume is far from what it was in July.  We can change that starting now. THEN LET US ALL CALL ON MONDAY AND MELT THE PHONES.  There will be sham hearings on Monday and Tuesday. Voting could be scheduled for Wednesday.

Here are Talking Points for different messages every day. Or make your own.

*    Regular Order: This process is bad for democracy.  It's derailed a bipartisan effort (Alexander-Murray) to stabilize the ACA marketplaces. The major health, medical and insurer groups are against Graham-Cassidy.
*    Pre-Existing Condition Coverage: The waivers that states can obtain allow insurers to
 charge higher prices based on health status, drop "essential health benefits" and  reinstate lifetime and annual limits. (Check out the latest Jimmy Kimmel piece.)
*    CBO Scoring: Scoring to include how many will lose insurance coverage or estimate
 premium hikes cannot be done before voting happens. This should be a deal breaker.
*    Medicaid (AHCCCS) Expansion: Arizona will be punished for covering more people
 with a market-based effective program. Our gains will be lost.
*    Bait and Switch:  Flexibility to the states is the purported Holy Grail here, but the decreases in federal funding make it a tin cup with a hole. Avalere's report (a respected health research firm) says Arizona will lose 11 billion by 2026. This will be flexibility regarding how and who to
 hurt the most.
*    Individual Marketplace Stability:  Arizona's ranchers and and independent contractors will lose the tax credits that help them buy insurance. Insurers will lose the cost-sharing  subsidies that help people with out-of-pocket costs and stabilize the marketplaces.
* Fifty Ways to Lose Your Insurance: Is he OK with 50 underfunded variations of health care coverage? Is he OK with that confusion, chaos and uncertainty upending the lives of low-income and vulnerable Arizonans?

Contact Numbers:

Senator Flake
Washington DC: 
(202) 224-4521
Phoenix:               602-840-1891 
Tucson:                 520-575-8633 

Get his email address, snail mail address, fax numbers or Facebook page link on his website.
Put in your browser and follow the directions for texting that turns into faxes. Or text "resist" to 50409.



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