Tuesday, August 22, 2017




A4a General Meeting – August 18, 2017


Thanks to Polly and Arlynne for planning and chairing the meeting.

Lenore and Miriam have joined the Core Team and Myra has joined the Leadership Team.



Kathy S. gave an update on this area.

·        ICE recently spent $5 billion to administer polygraph tests to potential employees who already admitted their guilt to a variety of crimes.

·        $1.6 is in House budget for border wall and land is being cleared in TX.

·        Margo Cowan of the Pima Co. Public Defender’s Office is working for improved representation in court for undocumented immigrants. She recently received a $100,000 grant, hopes to receive $300,000 from Mexico and wants to permanently shift some unused funds into this area. We may be asked to lobby our supervisor (Christy) to support

·        Two different bills (House – Hope Act) and Senate (Dream Act) are designed to lead to conditional permanent status for some undocumented immigrants. The action team may ask for the broader support of a4a once Congress reconvenes.

·        Supported the Central American transgender women who came to border. They are being housed at a LGBT detention center rather than a men’s center. They are expected to be released around the country to people who have volunteered to support them.



Fred, Georgia and Connie reviewed recent activities and future plans

·        The action team has been educating itself, educating others and acting

·        Carolyn Issacs of the American Friends Service Comm. spoke at a brown bag luncheon meeting

·        Book talks at cih! are scheduled

·        Rally August 19 – “Hate will not win”

·        Nov. – Movie “13”

·        Putting together an OLLI course for the spring

·        MLK program in Jan.

·        SPLC has materials for schools for combatting racism, action team may promote them

·        Reparation Act

·        National and Juvenile Criminal Justice Acts to be updated in Congress

·        Time to tackle the elephants in the room: Racism and White Supremacists

·        Shared a quiz to help understand White Privilege



Mary Darling shared that OFA is shifting its concentration from Health Care to this project targeting 34 Republican representatives from districts that voted for Hillary. McSally is at top of list. Many activities planned.



Budget and Tax Reform team - Each action team is asked to have one of their members participate in this group so that we can be more prepared to act.

White Elephant parade, table at Farmers Market, outreach to other groups, T-shirt design and production

Maureen will be at Posada Java first Wednesday of every month to help with letter writing

Pop Ups on Climate Change(October)  and Death and Dying (November)


Happy Our - Monday, August 21, 4:00-5:30 19th Hole

Membership Meeting – September 15 – 10:00-11:30 – BMO Harris Bank


We closed admiring the quilt “Nevertheless She Persisted” created by Weezie