Monday, May 1, 2017

!Action Alert!

from the

 Immigration Group

HB2086, a bill to prohibit cities and towns from issuing ID cards, has passed the House and Senate GOV Committee and is before the Senate Rules Committee.
Contact the following Senators on the Rules Committee ASAP; ask them to vote "NO" on HB2086!

Bedford         602-926-5835
Griffin                       602-926-5895
Hobbs         khobbs                       602-926-5325
Lesko                          602-926-5413
Quezada                   602-926-5911
Yarbrough                602-926-5863
Yee                                  602-926-3024

Tell Them:
Citizens who lack driver's licenses or other government ID need these ID's to purchase bus tickets, get a library card and other services.
The penalty is too harsh. It withholds and re-distributes to other towns, cities, counties,water fund and the state general fund ALL tax money that belongs to the violating city.