Sunday, March 26, 2017



From Ann Striker to the Troops....

To the alliance4action individuals who have been so strong, vocal and diligent on communication with our congressional representatives particularly on the national health care act:
Congratulations on making a real difference in our health care and protecting the estimated 24 million Americans who would have been affected by this Republican backed bill. As one of these millions currently covered under the ACA, I thank you for your support!  And a huge appreciation to our Health Care Group, led by Laurie Jurs and her fantastic and intense group that has set a very high goal for all of our 7 activist groups.

We are not done...enjoy and celebrate and then get geared up. There is more to do!!!

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to everyone most sincerely for all the calls, emails, letters, visits to MoCs, participation in rallies and postcard actions.  It sure paid off. I know that we, and all our kindred spirits around the country, don’t get all the credit for the demise of the American Health Care Plan, but we sure do get a piece of it.

We’ll take a couple days off, but that’s it. We’ll keep on connecting with our MoCs and push them to improve the Affordable Care Act (or whatever they want to name it). We demand the preservation of the Medicaid expansion, strengthening of the individual marketplace exchanges and adequate appropriations, including for Planned Parenthood. We must be vigilant regarding executive branch actions and changes in regulations that could sabotage the ACA. 

With Gratitude and Admiration (and a special shout out to the Health Care Action Group),
Laurie Jurs