Thursday, March 30, 2017



 Article V of the U.S. Constitution allows 2/3 of the state legislatures to call a Constitutional Convention to amend the Constitution. Only 34 of the 50 states are needed to call the convention. 

Arizona became the 29th state legislature to do so this week. The convention is scheduled for Dallas, TX this summer and only five more state legislatures need to pass the resolution to effectively rewrite the Constitution. 

Constitutional experts say that the rules of the convention would be made by the delegates themselves, so anything could happen regardless of the intent — a runaway convention that could endanger some of our most sacred rights. Each state gets one vote, regardless of population size, so Alabama has equal weight with California. 

The states where legislation remains to be voted on are Washington, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, and Maine. If you vote in one of these states, call your state representatives and your friends and ask them to oppose it.


Wednesday, April 5, 1: 00 PM – 2:00 PM
Room 203, Upstairs at Continental Mall

Monthly a4a General Meeting
What Action Groups have accomplished
What you can do to help NOW!

Have some fun with:
Resist BOT an easy way to contact your Moc’s
Creating a Twitter storm with #a4a

Bring your cell phone!



Join us for a RALLY at Esperanza and LaCanada
Saturday, April 15, time 10:00 AM
Stay tuned for details.

Sunday, March 26, 2017



From Ann Striker to the Troops....

To the alliance4action individuals who have been so strong, vocal and diligent on communication with our congressional representatives particularly on the national health care act:
Congratulations on making a real difference in our health care and protecting the estimated 24 million Americans who would have been affected by this Republican backed bill. As one of these millions currently covered under the ACA, I thank you for your support!  And a huge appreciation to our Health Care Group, led by Laurie Jurs and her fantastic and intense group that has set a very high goal for all of our 7 activist groups.

We are not done...enjoy and celebrate and then get geared up. There is more to do!!!

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to everyone most sincerely for all the calls, emails, letters, visits to MoCs, participation in rallies and postcard actions.  It sure paid off. I know that we, and all our kindred spirits around the country, don’t get all the credit for the demise of the American Health Care Plan, but we sure do get a piece of it.

We’ll take a couple days off, but that’s it. We’ll keep on connecting with our MoCs and push them to improve the Affordable Care Act (or whatever they want to name it). We demand the preservation of the Medicaid expansion, strengthening of the individual marketplace exchanges and adequate appropriations, including for Planned Parenthood. We must be vigilant regarding executive branch actions and changes in regulations that could sabotage the ACA. 

With Gratitude and Admiration (and a special shout out to the Health Care Action Group),
Laurie Jurs

The alliance4action’s education and training arm offers the following program to the public:


Sunday, April 2nd, 2017
Casa Community Center
(across from Posada Java)
2:00-4:00 p.m.

The Role of Our Community Newspaper
Reflections on Local Journalism

Guest Speaker
Dan Shearer, Editor, Green Valley News and Sahuarita Sun

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Wednesday 3/23 still on

Racial Justice Action Group: Protest the Wall,
 Thursday, March 23

Contact: Cynthia Dean,

Racial Justice Action Group: Protest the Wall,
 Thursday, March 23 and Saturday, March 25

Join us in the Sells, AZ area to protest the building of the wall at the border of the Tohono O'odham reservation on two days, Thursday, March 23 and Saturday March 25. 

The Thursday, March 23 protest will be directed to members of the Trump administration who will visit with tribal officials. It will be at the Tohono O'odham Veterans Park located in central Sells.  Please bring your own water, food, and a folding chair, no alcohol, and be peaceful.  We do not know about bringing signage, but you could be prepared.

The protest meeting place for March 25 is the San Miguel Gate, 25 minutes south of Sells.

 If you can attend either of these days, please form your own car pool groups. The road trip is about two hours from Sahuarita.

Contact: Cynthia Dean,

Sunday, March 19, 2017


The Arizona legislature is scheduled to adjourn April 22 and it will be working hard to pass many bills. is a web site where you can voice your opinion on any bill. And we hope that legislators use this source for information about voters’ feelings.

All bills are listed and it’s quick to register and make your choice. It’s easier than calling and request to speak (rts), but probably not as effective.

Thanks to Polly Daly for the tip.

Racial Justice Action Group, Monday, March 20, 4:00-5:30 pm

We invite you to join us for a presentation by leaders of Tucson SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice).  Tucson SURJ is a local affiliate of a national network of groups and individuals organizing white people for racial justice. Through community organizing, mobilizing, and education, SURJ moves white people to act as part of a multi-racial majority for justice. "Tucson SURJ believes that if we are to dismantle systemic racism, we must undermine support for racist policies and practices in white communities....We share a vision for economic justice for poor and working class white people and People of Color. We are working with a powerful multi-racial majority towards racial, gender, economic and climate justice."

The Good Shepherd UCC, 17750 S. La Canada Drive, Sahuarita

 State Budget Hearing in Tucson, April 8, 12:30

Save the date, place to be announced.  This will be an opportunity to have our voices heard and we hope to have a large a4a contingent.  Thanks to Linda Laird for the heads up.




Sunday, March 12, 2017


From the a4a Health Care Action Group

Please join us in the following actions for the next two weeks.

·       Last names in 1st Half of the Alphabet call Mondays and Wednesdays
·       Last names in 2nd Half call Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Or, call every day if you can.
·       Our Priorities are: 
1. The Congressional Budget Office Scoring; No Score! No Vote!
2. Planned Parenthood; No De-Funding; Prevention is Conservative!
3. Medicaid/AHCCCS; Keep the Medicaid Expansion; No Block Grants; No Per Capita Limits! Keep Medicaid & AHCCCS as they are!
·       Our Calls are to:
1.    Congresswoman Martha McSally (any office location)
2.    Senator John McCain (any office location)
3.    Senator Jeff Flake (any office location)
4.    Secretary Tom Price (202-690-7000)
5.    Governor Doug Ducey (520-628-6589 or 602-542-4331)
                     (All MoCs contact info can be found at

·       Get mad and get writing; choose one aspect and write about that.
·       Send directly to Dan Shearer at the GV News (; if you don’t get in, write him and ask why.
·       Mention our MoCs in every letter or column.
·       Send letters to for editing or suggestions if you wish--or just go for it!

Calendar Reminder
Wed, March 15th -- Ides of Trump Postcard Party. 12:30-2:00 pm, BMO Harris Bank.  Postcards, shamrock cookies and lemonade provided!


Saturday, March 11, 2017

from the
a4a Immigration Action Group

Call Members of Congress: McSally, Flake and McCain.  Ask them to


On its own, the Executive Branch can carry out much of what’s covered in Trump’s January 25th executive orders such as constructing a wall, increasing the number of BP agents, and tripling the number of ICE officers carrying out deportations.  But, Trump needs more money from Congress to carry out the orders in full.  CONGRESS NEEDS TO ACT!

Below are Tucson phone numbers of our MoCs.
McSally: 520-881-3588
Flake:     520-575-8633
McCain: 520-670-6334

The full list of MoC phone numbers can be found on our website, 
Or, IF your MoCs are up north, please call their offices.

Try to talk with someone at one of the offices or fax the message:

Facts to Support Withholding Funds for Phone Calls and Letters to the Editor

Trump’s wall could cost from $27-$40 billion. This money could better be used for border technology and for schools, healthcare, job training, roads and bridges.
“Bad Math Props Up Trump’s Border Wall,” Konstantin Kakaes, MIT Technology Review, 1/18/16.

Tunnels, drones, catapults, and ladders can make walls ineffective.
As Donald Trump Calls for Wall on Mexican Border, Smugglers Dig Tunnels,” Ron Nixon, New York Times, 9/2/16.

In the past 10 years, the number of Border Patrol agents has grown from 12,000 to 20,000, and the Customs and Border Patrol budget has doubled to $13.6 billion a year.
Department of Homeland Security Budgets 2006 & 2016.

Less costly and more humane controls on migrants who await their hearings should be expanded rather than building new detention facilities. Today’s 34,000 detention beds cost U.S. taxpayers $5.5 million a day.
“Alternatives to Detention,” Detention Watch Network,

 “The Immigration Facts Donald Trump Doesn’t Like,” Editorial Board, New York Times, 2/25/17.

Calendar Reminder

Wed, March 15th -- Ides of Trump Postcard Party. 12:30-2:00 pm, BMO Harris Bank.  Postcards, shamrock cookies and lemonade provided!



Thursday, March 9, 2017


A great opportunity for local action

a4a Postcard Party
“Good Luck is not a Health Care Plan”

Come help us notify the President:
Beware the Ides of March

Wednesday, March 15
Drop in between 12:30 – 2:00
BMO Harris Bank
Continental (between KFC and Safeway)
(Please:  Park ONLY in spaces NOT marked “Bank Parking Only”)

*Postcards Provided! Everyone invited!


Monday, March 6, 2017

alliance4action !FLASH!

citizen activists of southern AZ

We are an alliance of progressive individuals in southern Arizona working to ensure a caring and inclusive country. We will act together to protect and strengthen our values, human and civil rights.

Message from Ann

The alliance4action is up and running!  We held our fourth alliance4action group meeting on March 1 at Continental Mall and had 120 people who attended…standing room only.  We now have close to 700 people signed up to receive our bi-weekly Flash and ActNow alerts and 7 action groups focusing on specific issues.  Their reports, goals, priorities and next steps are listed below.  Meeting dates, times and locations are also posted on our Facebook page at alliance4action and on our website found at

There was great participation from a4a at Rep. Martha McSally’s Town Hall event on Feb. 23 in Sahuarita at the Good Shepherd Church.  The event was assembled with McSally’s team, and Dan Shearer, the editor of the Green Valley News and Sahuarita Sun papers, served as moderator.  The a4a put together a video of this event, which drew 800 people.  It can be found on our website and also on YouTube under Rep. Martha McSally, Town Hall-February 2017.  There are a number of good videos available, including the full-length video of the entire meeting.

With the growth and success of a4a, we need HELP with administration.  It can be as simple as organizing or helping with a one-time event (like a postcard writing party for the Ides of Trump ( or helping with Facebook or our website. Please let me know if you can help.
I hope to see all of you at our next alliance4action meeting on April 5 at 1 pm upstairs in room 203 at the Continental Mall.

Table at Farmers Market on Wednesdays:
We need volunteers!  Help make a4a a visible presence in Green Valley.  Sign up for a 2 1/2 hour shift  (9 to 11:30 or 11:30 to 2:00) at our Alliance4 Action table at the Wednesday markets in March.  Email Fred Ginocchio at

********Action Group Reports********

****Health Care Action Group ****

Current Priorities: To resist the repeal and replacement of ACA, using all the consequences as fodder for calls to MoCs and Letters to the Editor.
Actions Taken:  February 18th to March 6th:  Several letters and columns published in the Green Valley News; participation in Congresswoman McSally's Town Hall on February 23rd.
Actions Planned:  Advocacy visits pending with Senators Flake and McCain offices; follow-up underway with Congresswoman McSally.
Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 8th, at 1:00 pm at Cayley's Cakes on La Canada in the back room; Cayley's is south of the Library Complex with the Green Valley Council and the Salvation Army.
Contact:  Laurie Jurs at

****Immigration Action Group****

Current Priorities: Promote passage of the Bridge Act; develop positions on a manageable number of additional immigration issues; follow developments on the National and State level regarding Immigrants, and take action
Actions Taken:  Copies of the Bridge Act, Indivisible Guide, and 21st Century Immigration Reform document were sent to new members. Jack Mattox received an appreciative email from 84Lumber responding to his email expressing support for their SuperBowl ad. Three draft position papers were circulated to the Group.  The subjects were “Border Security,” “Immigration, NAFTA, and Implications for U.S. Economy,” and “Undocumented Immigrants.”  A list of committee membership and legislative actions for our MoC’s was circulated.

Actions Planned:  Finalize position papers and post to a4a website. Some members are tracking relevant state bills.  Alerts will be sent to Immigration Committee members with the subject line: “a4a Immigration State Action Now.” Information is being gathered about border issues and the Tohono O’odham.
Committee members were asked to display a sign on their property.  The sign reads: “All law enforcement officials: Do not enter without a lawful search warrant.” The signs are being distributed by Keep Tucson Together in hopes that they will be displayed widely on homes housing undocumented immigrants, citizens, and legal residents alike. Businesses are also encouraged to post these signs. Members were encouraged to attend the next Keep Tucson Together meeting on Mar. 2.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 8 at 9:00 am, Green Valley Village Management Office, Suite 13, located at south end of center (close to China View restaurant)

                            ****Education Action Group****

Current Priorities:  To oppose pending legislation at the national and state level that promotes privatization of Public Education. To educate the public about the dangers of alternative education choices.  Specific bills on the radar screen are AZ HB2394, AZHB2465, SB1431 and SB1281. At the Federal level, HR610 eliminates the Elementary and Secondary Act of 1965.
Actions Taken:  Telephone calls, letters, and faxes to AZ Legislators to voice our objections and explain why we object. Telephone calls and letters to Congresswoman McSally about our concerns with HR610. We also generated several questions to her about her platform of “School Choice.”
Actions Planned: Several members plan to write letters to the newspaper. We also will be attending a program about school funding so that we can become more knowledgeable about it on March 20. Petition gathering for Strong Start Tucson from now until may. The ½ cent sales tax will provide 8000 scholarships to low income 3-4 year olds in Tucson to attend quality pre-school programs.
Contacts: Poly Daly and Linda Laird, Co-Chairs

****Climate Change Action Group****

Current Goals: 
National: Oppose Repeal of EPA Regulations and Reduction of EPA Budget. Call for US Rep Martha McSally to join BiPartisan Climate Solution Caucus.
Support Solar Energy in Arizona.
Encourage use of reusable water bottles and grocery bags.

Actions Taken:  Weekly phone calls to MOCS - Calling scripts provided. Speaker on Solar and Utility Rate Cases. Attended US Rep McSally Town Hall in Sahuarita

Actions Planned:  Attend Santa Cruz County Board of Sup. Meeting.  Meeting with Rep. McSally Staff on March 9th. March for Science Tucson, EarthDay, April 22, 10am - 4 pm.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 8, 10 am, Tubac Community Center, Bridge Rd.

****Election of Progressive Candidates Group****

Monday, March 13 at 2:00 our Full Committee met.  Approximately 38 attended. Guest speakers were:  Aaron Baumann, Joel Feinman re Lessons Learned from their campaigns and Kitty Kennedy re Labor efforts to network with other groups to select and elect good candidates to office that will take Arizona and the Nation in a better direction.  Kitty Kennedy also spoke to why labor voted against their own self interests according to labor poll taken.  Results indicated two reasons:  jobs and guns. 
Co-chairs Miriam Lindmeier and Sherry Moreau met with Steve Farley, State Senator, to hear from him re Lessons Learned with his successful campaigns over the past 11 years in AZ and to talk to him about his future plans in politics.  He will return and talk to the full Committee when the legislative session is over.

We broke into 4 subcommittee groups:
1) Subcommittee to Protect, Defend, and Promote LD2 incumbents has selected their co-chairs, Carolyn Chaussee and Gerry Stoops.  Next meeting: Friday, March 10 at 2:00 pm at DCSRA HQ
2) Subcommittee to Identify Incumbents to Replace and development of dossiers on the votes and quotes, strengths and weaknesses of the incumbents.  Their first meeting identified 17 Incumbents they will be tracking.  Co-chairs are Janet Connell and Lois Connell.
3) Subcommittee to Network, Interview, Guide, Select Progressive Candidates has identified several candidates who may be interested in entry level positions, and they will be meeting with two strong mid-level potential candidates next week.  Co-chairs are Diane Meyers and Larry Robertshaw.
4) Subcommittee for Candidate Preparation has spent some time brainstorming with their difficult tasks and has assigned tasks to bring to the next meeting.  Co-chairs are Helen Boyd and Penny Pestle.

Next Full Committee Meeting is March 22 or 29 not date reported last month. Working with speakers for one of those dates.  It will be in Room 203.

*****LGBTQ Rights*****

Current Priorities:  Sounding the alarm about the First Amendment Defense Act and /or the rumored executive order that is very similar, maintaining current LGBTQ rights, education of ourselves and the public regarding LGBTQ rights, networking with other LGBTQ advocacy groups.

Actions Taken:  Education - Pat asks that we all read the Indivisible Guide; phone calling - many phone calls have been made, some for advocacy and some to thank Rep McSally for the town meeting;  social M=media - this team asks all to consider getting on Facebook, Twitter and
AZ Request to Speak (for registered voters); writing - writers have had one letter published thus far.  29 “snail mail” and email letters were sent;  speaking - April 23 at 10:15 am Good Shepherd Church - LGBTQ talk; research - working on researching legal issues;  networking - made connection with GLSEN Tucson person.

Actions Planned:   Speakers - will work on April 23rd presentation; writers- chose 6 newspapers.  Each person will write one letter per week, with a rotation for newspaper coverage; callers - will be focusing on Martha McSally regarding her statement about  caring for developing young women.  State-level phone calls will be made regarding anti-demonstration bill as well as bills regarding “Empowered Scholarships”.  Although this is the  a4a Education Team’s task, we are helping with this while waiting for our intense time of calling. 
Next meeting, the callers will bring postcards for us all to fill out at the meeting.  Education - same as Speakers;  Research - team will be gathering information on Wingspan and EON, AZ Dem reps and their LGBTQ positions, LGBTQ Chamber in Tucson, GLSEN report on the safety of students in schools, and info about federal reps.  This team will meet on March 5th. Networking - will meet with GLSEN and call PFLAG. Social Media - will bring back their plan to the next meeting.

Next Meeting,  Monday, March 20, 1:00 - 3:00 pm

*****Racial Justice*****

Current Goals:  Build understanding/confidence around racial justice by reading/researching issues.   Focus research on issues that group is "passionate" about: reparations, private prisons, restorative justice, voter suppression/voting rights in AZ, local/state issues around racial justice.

Build relationships within our group and reach out to other groups doing this kind of work in the Tucson area: SURJ(Showing Up for Racial Justice), YWCA(Standing Up for Racial Justice), NAACP.

Actions Taken:  Made presentation to group of 27 at The Good Shepherd UCC adult Forum on Feb.26.  Individuals of group assigned themselves ongoing research in their particular focus issue.  Individuals from group attended movie, "I Am Not Your Negro." Established and shared resource list of state and federal contacts to voice our positions and learn positions of legislators.   Readings for ongoing education around issues were suggested.

Actions Planned:  Individuals of group will research and  share results of focus issues to begin to develop a group position, with the goal of eventually writing  position papers on those focus issues.  Ongoing reading/research to better understand the issues.  Presentation to group by Tucson SURJ.  Attend "Nonviolence & Activism" workshop offered by Tucson YWCA.

Next Meeting: Friday, March 10, 12:30 pm at The Good Shepherd UCC Church
17750 S. La Canada Drive in Sahuarita.

Cynthia Dean -
Lois Rose - 

****Resources to Know About****

·       Check out:  This is a Protest Events Calendar for Arizona

·       A site for keeping track & responding to national bills:


· “ A Practical Guide for Making Congress Listen”

To Reach Us

·       For general information:
·       To sign up for Alliance4Action FLASH and !ACTNOW!—or to unsubscribe:   (check out our website for meeting dates, regional events, and MoC contact info)  
·       Find and like us at Facebook:  Alliance4Action (MoC contacts on FB page)