Sunday, February 19, 2017

February 19 Flash

alliance4action !FLASH!

citizen activists of southern AZ

We are an alliance of progressive individuals in southern Arizona working to ensure a caring and inclusive country. We will act together to protect and strengthen our values, human and civil rights.

Message from Ann

Rep. Martha McSally to hold Town Hall Meeting

Thursday, Feb. 23, Good Shepherd Church, 4 pm

Citizens of southern Arizona – and citizens around the country ARE having an impact on their Members of Congress!


Alliance4action working groups are cooking!  You don’t have to look further than the editorial pages of the GVNews to see how we are dominating the local conversation! And, congratulations to the Healthcare Action Group on gaining an in-person audience with Rep. McSally last week!  The group was invited back, based on its earlier meetings with her staff, where they demonstrated they were well prepared and reasonable.


Check out the rest of the Action Group reports below.  If you are not already in a group, their priorities and actions will motivate you to join one.  If you are already in a group, you will undoubtedly learn some interesting and helpful ideas for your own work.


And: Our website is now operational and our bi-weekly FLASH and our weekly !ACTNOW! communications are all posted and being sent out from the website.  Meeting dates and regional events are listed on the right-hand side of the webpage.  Visit it!  We have over 630 names on our list.  From now on, everyone must subscribe on the website.  If you have friends or neighbors who want to receive a4a information, it’s easy for them to sign up. Simply go to, click on “subscribe” and enter the information.


Next alliance4action meeting: March 1,1:00 pm, Continental Mall, Room 203. contact: 

********Action Group Reports********

****Health Care Action Group ****

Current Priorities:  To resist the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA); to demand comprehensive replacement in the event of repeal; to advocate for the continuation of Medicaid/AHCCCS, Medicare and Planned Parenthood as they are, including their ACA related improvements and expansions.


Actions Taken

     Planning meeting followed by Advocacy Prep meeting for visit with Congresswoman McSally

    Advocacy Visit with Congresswoman McSally on Feb 10th; five constituents presented Talking Points and engaged in conversation with the Congresswoman

    Group delegate participated in Environmental Day at the State Legislature on Feb. 15th; met with State Senator Dalesandro and Representative Hernandez

    Letters to the Editor on Feb 8 and 12 regarding Medicare and the ACA and Advocacy visit with Congresswoman McSally’s staff on Feb. 3.

    Planned Parenthood Work Group met Feb 16; wrote letters and cards to hand-deliver to Senator Flake’s office.


Actions Planned 

·  Two Letters to the Editor and one “In My View” pending

   Advocacy visit pending with Shay Saucedo, Outreach Staff to Senator McCain

   Participation in Town Hall at The Good Shepherd Church with Congresswoman McSally on Feb 23

Next Meeting: Wednesday, Feb 22, 1:00, Cayley’s Cakes, La Canada, (back room)



****Immigration Action Group****

Current Priorities: Promote passage of the Bridge Act; develop positions on a manageable number of additional immigration issues; follow developments on the National and State level regarding Immigrants, and take action! 


Actions Taken

·       Sent postcards to Rep. McSally: Protect Dreamers; Pass the Bridge Act

·       Telephone calls to Members of Congress (MoCs) in response to the deportation of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos

·       Three papers on immigration written by Fred Ginocchio, to be reviewed for discussion/adoption

o   Undocumented Immigrants

o   Border Wall and Security

o   Immigration, NAFTA and the Implications for U.S. Economy

·       State Action: re: Arizona State SB 1279—contact AZ Senator

·       Collected/sent art supplies to the Owl & Panther Refugee Center

Actions Planned

·       Continue to welcome new members and encourage involvement in our newly forming immigration sub-groups:

o   State issues

o   Writers group

o   Lobbying/Speakers

·       Finalize position papers on Immigration issues

·       Prepare to meet with our MoCs re: Bridge Act and other Immigration issues

·       Plan rough draft of April Immigration program for changeishappening! meeting

·       Seek/respond to opportunities to speak to groups (churches, social clubs)

·       Write immigrant human interest stories: DACA and/or other

·       State immigrant issues group:

o   Great resource on AZ state legislative issues from the Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation

o   For information/alerts on AZ state bills, sign up for the AZ Legislative Alert by e-mailing

o   Determine if county sheriff department will act as federal Immigration enforcement officers? (Have said in Tim Steller’s column they wouldn’t.)


Next Meeting: Wednesday, Feb 22 at 1:00, Green Valley Village Management Office, Suite 13, located at south end of center (close to China View restaurant)


****Education Action Group****

Current Priorities: Track the direction of Secretary DeVos and the Department of Education.  Respond accordingly. Support AZ State education funding.


Actions Taken

·       Members provided info about activities they would like to participate in

·       Resource info shared about contacts for elected officials

·       Resource info shared re: proposed legislation regarding education in AZ


Actions Planned

·       Respond to AZ legislators about bills to support or oppose.  Responses may be calls, letters, faxes, in-person meetings

·       Participate in petition drive for one-half cent sales tax in Tucson on the ballot by November that will provide 8,000 preschool scholarships for high quality day care under the auspices of Snowbirds may participate.  Training provided: contact


Next Meeting: Tuesday, Feb 20 at 4:00 pm, Caley’s Cakes, La Canada


****Santa Cruz Valley Climate Coalition****

Current Priorities

    National - Support the Paris Climate Agreement and Clean Power Plan

    State - Support for Solar Energy

    Personal Choice - Use of reusable water bottles and shopping bags

Actions Taken 

    Weekly phone calls to MoCs  

    Letters to the editor published 

    Group lobbied at Environmental Day in the State Capital  

    Hosted speaker on carbon budget and state utility rate cases


Actions Planned 

    Continue phoning MoCs (calling scripts are provided) and writing letters to newspapers

    Meeting confirmed with U.S. Rep. Martha McSally’s staff on March 9th 

    Sub-group to follow State of AZ on energy/climate related issues and recommend actions 

    EarthDay April 22nd - Two opportunities: Join the  “March for Science” in Tucson or volunteer locally with a Family Education program on the Santa Cruz River

Next Meeting: Working Session - Wednesday, Feb. 22, at 10 a.m., Tubac Community Center, 50 Bridge Road  

****Election of Progressive Candidates Action Group****

Current and Long Term Priorities

·       Collection of Votes and Quotes on Republican Incumbents

·       Identifying potential Progressive Candidates

Actions Taken

·       Identified Republican Incumbents to research

·       Met with Aaron Bauman and Joel Feinman for “Lessons Learned”

·       Heard updates from each of the four subcommittees

·       Held breakout sessions where new members were added to subcommittees and next meetings set

Actions Planned

·       Meet with State Senator Steve Farley re candidacy

·       All subcommittees will be meeting; reports to follow

Next Full Committee Meeting:  Tuesday, March 21, at 3:00, Continental Mall, Rm 203


*****LGBTQ Rights*****

Current Priorities

·       Sounding the alarm about the First Amendment Defense Act and /or the rumored (and similar) executive order

·       Maintaining current LGBTQ rights

·       Education of ourselves and the public regarding LBGTQ rights

·       Networking with other LGBTQ advocacy groups

Actions Taken

·       Goals were set at first meeting

·       Sub-groups were established for: writing, speaking, calling, social media, education, research, and networking

·       Each person left the meeting with tasks to accomplish before the next meeting

Actions Planned

·       Contacting MoCs

·       Networking with other advocacy groups

·       Letters to the editor

·       Speaking engagements: 

o   April 23rd, Good Shepherd Church

o   A4a table at the Wednesday Farmer’s Market

Next Meeting:  Monday, Feb. 27th, 1-3 pm, 615 W. Via Rosaldo  


*****Racial Justice*****

Current and Long Term Priorities

·       Educating ourselves on the many facets of historic and systemic racial justice in the US

·       Determine working groups within action group

·       Establish goals that will provide guidance and direction for our actions

Actions Taken

·       Reading the document, “Movement for Black Lives” and other articles that help explain some of the history

·       Some participants attended screening of Frances Causey’s documentary, “The Long Shadow”


Actions Planned

·       Some members will attend YWCA sponsored, “Nonviolence and Activism Workshop”

·       Co-leaders will attend leadership class offered by Tucson’s “Showing Up for Racial Justice” (SURL)

·       Determine working groups and establish goals

·       Continue to educate ourselves by reading


Next Meeting: Friday, Feb. 24, 2:00, The Good Shepherd Church, La Canada, Sahuarita



****Resources to Know About****


·       Check out:  This is a Protest Events Calendar for Arizona

·       A site for keeping track & responding to national bills:


· “ A Practical Guide for Making Congress Listen”


To Reach Us

·       For general information:

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