Tuesday, February 7, 2017

alliance4action Flash for Feb. 6

alliance4action !FLASH!
citizen activists of southern AZ
We are an alliance of progressive individuals in southern Arizona working to ensure a caring and inclusive country. We will act together to protect and strengthen our values, human and civil rights.
Message from Ann
Our February 1st general meeting was a huge success with over 180 people in attendance. Almost 100 met at the Feb 5th changeishappening! meeting to learn about a4a. Many were motivated to sign up for action groups which are busy meeting and ACTING! Lobbying, writing Letters to the Editor and lots and lots of calling our Members of Congress (MoCs). Some MoC staff members have told us they are totally swamped with calls and visits. We are doing our job!
If you have not yet joined an action group, choose one or more from those listed below. Two new action groups formed at the meeting! And there may be more…. We are starting to get information from and about other groups around southern Arizona with similar interests and we will be “stronger together”.
Many of us have been overwhelmed with the speed and ferocity of executive orders. It can be exhausting, but remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint, and we can each do only do much.

I believe that we are having an impact.

Next alliance4action Meeting: March, 1:00 pm; location to be determined. contact: acstrike@cox.net 

********Action Group Reports********
****Health Care Action Group ****
Current Priorities:  Pending Repeal and Replacement of the ACA, including defunding Planned Parenthood; protecting Medicare and Medicaid/AHCCCS benefits.

Actions Taken
     Action Group Meeting held on Jan. 25th
     "In My View" GVNews column published on Jan. 22nd
     Advocacy Prep sessions held on Feb. 1st and Feb. 2nd   
     Advocacy Visit with C.J. Karamargin and Nancy Heiser of Rep. McSally’s office on Feb. 3rd with a4a participants
Actions Planned 
     Advocacy visit pending with Shay Saucedo, Outreach Staff for Senator McCain
       Invitation extended to Health Care Group members visiting on Feb. 3rd at Rep. McSally's office to return, at an unspecified date, to speak directly with Rep. McSally 
Next Meeting
Wednesday, Feb 8, at 1:00 pm, Democratic HQ, Continental Plaza

****Immigration Action Group****
Current Priorities: Support the Bridge Act; Follow actions on the State level regarding Immigrants, and take action 

Actions Taken
       Letter to the Editor GVNews supporting the BRIDGE Act and thanking Sen. Flake for co-sponsoring the bill
       Letter to the Editor re: what the Jan. 21st rally stood for, the need to take action today and to join the alliance4action
       In My View column in GVNews re: DACA and BRIDGE Act
       Multiple calls to our Members of Congress re: a variety of issues
      Attended a press conference re the Executive Order related to Refugees
Action Planned
       Attend a “Protect our Neighbors” workshop on Feb. 9 at Pueblo HS
       Follow State issues dealing with immigrants and take action
       Learn more about the proposal to deputize local police to enforce immigration laws; write about it and make calls to MoCs
       Prepare more articles for the GVNews, including
o   The personal experience of a DACA resident
o   The Life of Immigrants torn between a home in Mexico and family in Arizona
o   Our current immigration laws
o   What 21st Century laws on immigration could look like…
Next meeting: Wednesday, Feb 8 at 1:00, choir room, GV Community Church (corner of Esperanza and La Canada)

****Education Action Group****
Current Priorities: Oppose Ms. DeVos’s appointment as Secretary of Education.  Support AZ State education funding.

Actions Taken
·      Meeting with Senator Flake's staff on Jan 19 in opposition to Ms. DeVos.
·      Telephone calls from members to MoCs Flake, McCain, and selected Senate members in opposition to DeVos
·      Arizona Education: Gathered new committee members and reliable resources to track AZ legislation for education
Actions planned
·      Next meeting will focus on organizing and developing communication within the committee to provide comprehensive response to legislative actions
Next meeting: Tuesday, Feb 7th at 4:00 pm,
Cayley’s Cakes, La Canada Drive

****Santa Cruz Valley Climate Coalition****
Current Priorities:
·      National Opposing the nominations of climate change deniers to cabinet positions. Supporting the Paris Climate Agreement and Clean Power Plan
·      State Support for Solar Energy
·      Local Concerns re. proposed Monsanto facility in Marana
·      Personal Choice Use reusable water bottles and shopping bags
Actions Taken
·       Weekly phone calls to senators
·      A group met with Senator Flake’s assistant  
·      A group attended public meeting re. Monsanto’s proposed greenhouse in Marana
·      Letters to the editor written –three were published in local papers
Actions Planned
·      Weekly phone calls to MOCS on pending legislation
·      Contact Pima County Supervisor Steve Christy re. Feb 21 Monsanto vote
·      A group will attend Environmental Day 2/15 in Phoenix and lobby at Capital
Next Meeting: Wednesday, Feb 8th, at 10 a.m., Tubac Community Center, 50 Bridge Road
SPEAKER Robert Brulechek of the Tucson Metropolitan Energy Commission, “Our Carbon Footprint & Solar Energy Issues in Arizona”
****Election of Progressive Candidates Action Group****
Current and Long Term Priorities
·      Elect progressive candidates that reflect the values of the alliance4action
·      Protect, Defend and Promote Incumbent LD2 Candidates; contact: mim_lindmeier@yahoo.com , shrymoreau@gmail.com
·      Identify Elected Incumbents to Replace; Develop Votes/Quotes Files; contact connwick@cox.net
·      Identify Potential New Candidates: contact robon88@hotmail.com or dianemeyer@cox.net  
·      Groom and Train Candidates/Assist with Strategy Planning; contact: mboyd4347@gmail.com or wsmaki@gmail.com
Actions Taken
·      All subcommittees met to determine work plans
·      Sub-group:  ID potential New Candidates--An initial list of individuals was drafted; assignments to begin networking/contacting potential candidates and individuals who may know of potential candidates
Actions Planned
·      Learn from candidates who lost and those who won Feb 13 (see details below)  and Feb 25, Steve Farley
·      Continue work of subcommittees described above
Next Full Committee Meeting:  Monday, Feb. 13, at 2:00 at DCSRA HQ
“Lessons Learned”.  Speakers include two individuals who lost elections in 2016

*****LGBTQ Rights*****
Current and Long Term Priorities
·      Prepare for possible Executive Orders related to LGBTQ rights
·      Prepare for the possible weakening of the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA)
Both of these actions would affect employers, child welfare and adoption services, healthcare providers, schools, government officials and businesses as they relate to the LGBTQ community.

First Meeting:  Wednesday, Feb 8, noon
615 W. Via Rosaldo

*****Racial Justice*****
Current and Long Term Priorities
·      Act on historic and systemic prejudice against people of color in policies and practices:  mass incarceration of blacks, police brutality, housing and job discrimination, voter’s rights
·      Using SURJ Tucson (Showing UP for Racial Justice), “Movement for Black Lives” Platform,  and Indivisibleguide.com to help guide actions
First Meeting:  Thursday, Feb. 9, 9:30 am, The Good Shepherd UCC Church, 17750 S. La Canada Drive, Sahuarita. Meet on church covered walkway. If you cannot make the meeting, but want to participate, send your name, contact information, and best days/times to meet to:

****Resources to Know About****

·      Check out: https://www.facebook.com/CalendarForResistance/.  This is a Protest Events Calendar for Arizona
·      A new site for keeping track & responding to national bills:
·      www.indivisibleguide.com “ A Practical Guide for Making Congress Listen”
·      Thanks to Linda L. there are handmade signs at the DCSRA HQs office for you to borrow should you care to organize a mini-rally on a GV corner or at the office of a MoC.
·      Find contact info for our Members of Congress (for your speed dial) on the http://alliance4action.org  website and on Facebook

To Reach Us
·      For general information: acstrike@cox.net
·      To sign up for Alliance4Action and !ActNow! emails—or to unsubscribe:  afpgvaz@gmail.com 
·      Find, like, and follow us on Facebook:  Alliance4Action 
·      Check out our website: http://Alliance4Action.org Thanks to Bill Maki, it is growing more and more useful. In the past few days, he added tabs for each of the action groups. The only tab populated so far is LGBTQ Rights but look for much much more.
·      Find addresses and phone numbers of our Members of Congress on our Facebook page and on our website.