Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Maddy Urken reports on the January 4th Alliance4Action meeting

Below is a letter from Maddy Urken about the Alliance.

I just attended an organizational meeting for Alliance for Action - Citizen Activists in Southern Arizona.

I'm telling you about it because this group is on track to become a powerful agent for creating and transmitting our responses to current and anticipated actions by our State and National governments.

The group is based in Green Valley and was initiated by the leadership of two organizations: Change Is Happening! and the Democratic Club of the Santa Rita Area (DCSRA). As you know, I lived in Sahuarita before coming to Tucson. I was an active participant in both organizations. They are dynamic and effective groups whose programs extend their influence beyond Green Valley and Sahuarita to Amado, Arivaca, Rio Rico and even Nogales. They are frequent contributors to the Green Valley News which is read widely south of the Tucson border.

The meeting was attended by about 50 people including the leaders of very active local organizations, the leaders of DCSRA and Change Is Happening!, and State Senator Andrea Dallessandro.

Their initial goals are

to create an information clearinghouse that will report on new challenges and organized responses to those challenges using email "Flashes" and "!Act Now!" (calls to immediate action) and a soon-to-be constructed Facebook page.

to create working groups that will focus on five issues:

Healthcare (includes but not limited to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and women's health (Planned Parenthood specifically mentioned)



Running Progressive Candidates


Other groups may be created if there's sufficient interest. Two possibilities: Economic Justice and LGBT Issues.

There are many people who have become energized (traumatized?) following the November elections. IMHO, we run the risk of splintering into so many pieces or spreading the consistent activists so thin, that our effectiveness will be diminished to a dangerous point. If you think that connecting with this group would be useful to an organization that you represent, lead, or are active in, I have three suggestions:

1.  Contact one of the founding mothers and discuss possible synergies:
Diane Myer  dianemeyer@cox.net
Miriam Lindmeier  mim_lindmeier@yahoo.com

2. Join me at one of the working group meetings and/or ask me to keep you posted on the progress of one or   more of the working groups