Mission Statement: We work to inform ourselves and others, to advocate for, and to act for fair legislation and policies on immigration.

Current Priorities: Promote passage of a Clean Dream Act.; develop positions on a manageable number of additional immigration issues; follow developments on the National and State level regarding Immigrants, and take action!
Contact:  Susie Sanders at
Team Leaders: Barb Lemmon at, Sara Busey at

Position papers:
The Immigration Group has prepared position papers on the following topics to explain the viewpoints for which we advocate and to provide supporting information:
Position paper - Border Security
Position paper - Undocumented Immigrants
Position paper - US-Mexico Economic Relations

Very informative article about asylum seekers.

Immigration Team presents Alyson Ball on Immigration Basics, Friday, January 25, 3:00 - 4:00 at Green Valley-Joyner Library.  Here is a link to the 53 minute video on youtube: